Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lake George Hike

Here is a recap of what we have been up to. These past two weeks are best illustrated with a lot of photos. Hope you all enjoy!

Last weekend we did a six mile hike in Lake George. Supposedly it was a moderate hike...well let's just say it was a little tougher than I expected. However once we made it to the top, it was worth the sweat.

This week has been a busy one- between Jeremy's late nights at work and playing with a 9 week old teething puppy, this weekend has served as a "get caught up" and "constant napping" type of weekend.  This week at work one of our clients, who owns a zoo, brought in a cub.

He was very sweet but because his claws were like daggers, I was a little nervous to hold him.

Now to our little pride and joy.....after a little scare at the hospital, Louie is doing well and very healthy.  He has also used this weekend to catch up on his zzzz's. I think with all of the basketball and golf on TV, well it seems to put him to sleep like it puts Jeremy to sleep :) 

Thank you Keisha, Phil, Tyson and Dougie for my new toy!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Meet Mr. Louie Huelsing

Well of course when we start to get settled in and on a schedule, we decide to change it up. We ended up getting a little guy named Louie last weekend. Once we saw his picture and I talked with the breeder, we had to get him.  Last weekend we made our way down to Pennsylvania to retrieve the pup.  After 10 hours in the car, all three of us were exhausted (and Jer had to work that night). Although he has some of the most beautiful markings and playful spirit, don't be fooled because he sure is a rascal.  We try to take him to the park to run around daily (trying to wear him out so he can sleep through the night). I love it when he runs at full speed and ends up running at an angle, he greets us with excitement and kisses, I catch him occasionally watching TV (seems to take a liking to basketball right now...deep down I know he is rooting for Kstate :). I like the many ways he lays down (most look uncomfortable but for some reason he will be able to find comfort in that position). And most of all, I love it when he plays with his ball because he jumps like a rabbit, fumbles it with his paws and works so hard to get it.

Each day gets a little better as we emphasize routine and don't let him out of our sight. This 5lb bundle of joy (craziness) has been a great addition. Hopefully after obedience school and doggy day care we will reap the benefits of having a great corgi.

On another note, I started work this week at the Purdue and Wells Law Firm.  This law firm is a general practice firm and my main focus will be real estate/closings. I look forward to learning more about the NY courts and a completely new focus in my career.  As for Jeremy, he is busy with the state basketball championships this weekend and phantoms hockey games. All is well in both of our worlds even though we lack a lot of sleep right now from a crying little pup. 
This weekend should be really nice up here - 70 degrees. Our goal is to find a really good hike up in Lake George, celebrate St Patties Day, BBQ, watch some bball, try a new restaurant, and get caught up! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.”

That quote could not be more fitting...especially since we have gotten about 8 in. of snow this past week and it was Dr. Suess's Bday. This is my first snow of the year so I was excited to see everything covered in white. They are snow-clearing pros here so the streets were perfect. However, it didn't last long because the temperatures warmed up.

Here is a recap of the last two weeks up to this point. Since it is the first of March, I have some other "firsts" since I have been up here.

I got my first license plates in NY.

I accepted my first job in NY (8 interviews later, I finally found one!).

We got our first washer and dryer (thank goodness no more laundry mat)!

We are working on finishing our first book series. Both of us have been reading the Hunger Games and love it. I honestly would recommend it to anyone. So so good!

For those pinterest lovers out there, I made my first stove top citrus potpourri (whole cloves, cinnamon, orange & lemon peel) and cake batter brownies.

 and lastly, we are looking for our first pup. It is still a work in process but hopefully in the next few months we will have "little shaq" (Jeremy's idea, trust me our dog will not be named after Shaq :)

So, we have gone out to eat at a couple of restaurants that were recommended to us. We tried Harvest which is known for their pizza. In fact Rachael Ray is from here and Harvest is featured on the Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” They named a pizza after her because she grew up eating at Harvest. It was good but it doesn't beat Pi or Guidos in St. Louis (our two favorite pizza places).  We also went to Davidson Brothers Brewing Company. It is a cool little bar/restaurant located downtown Glens Falls. I liked their wheat beer best and Jeremy tried the pale ale and a porter ale. It was a fun place to go and they have live music so I am sure we will end up there more often.
Jeremy and I have also been really good about working out/eating in. Those were two of our goals this year. I have been working out a couple of hours a day thanks to the Les Mills classes I have been taking. Jeremy has actually been taking pump with me. I can't explain how good of a class this is and it makes me realize how much better the lifting is during that one hour than what I typically do on my own. It is nice to meet new people and I don't mind getting yelled at to work harder either.

Saturday may have been one of my favorite days up here. First off, the weather was beautiful (around 50 degrees),we ate Chipotle, spent the whole day in Saratoga walking around down town and stopped to have  a few adult beverages. I love LOVE Saratoga and everyone was out shopping, eating, walking around, walking their dogs, etc. There is a bar downtown that we have heard about. It has four floors + rooftop deck and on each floor is a different type of bar. One floor is a sports bar, another is an irish pub, another is a dance club, you guys get the point. Awesome! Friends, come and visit so we can go experience this place!
As the adventures continue, we are enjoying everything we are doing and having fun!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mardi Gras in Glens Falls

I am now going on my third week of living in NY (Jeremy has been up here since January) and what a change of pace it has a good way. Life is just a little slower yet being in this area has enabled us to spend more time outdoors exploring this part of the country.  One thing I have immediately noticed is that this community is very welcoming and I have enjoyed getting to meet new faces. On Friday night, I went down to the Civic Center and watched the hockey game with Jeremy. It was a great game and they won big 5-1!

The Phantoms
 So on Saturday, instead of hosting Mardi Gras in St. Louis like we have done for the past two years, I wish I could say we had Mardi Gras up here but we did nothing that somewhat resembled the past two years. Sad we weren't there but glad we didn't have to clean up the aftermath. Instead we drove up to the Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing (which is on Lake George). I first heard about this resort because The Today Show aired one of their shows there. This was pretty amazing...I can only imagine what it will look like in the summer. I think right next door there is a place to rent kayaks and stand up paddle boards.

The Sagamore

On Saturday night, Jeremy and I went to two of our favorite places downtown Glens Falls where we have become friends with the owners of these neat stores. Fountain Square Outfitters is a great store that sells Patagonia clothing.  Then we headed to Uncorked which is owned by a couple who used to have a winery near this area. It is a great store that just sells wine and they do free wine tastings Friday and Saturday nights so we stayed and tasted some great wine!

For those who wonder what I do with my time, well I spend a lot of time at the gym but I have recently found this little cutie. Yes, I go to the pet store to just play with this sweet thing. Hopefully in the near future, we will get can only hope!

Have a great week!

Sarah & Jeremy


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Glens Falls Valentine

Sorry I have been absent these past couple of weeks. We have been busy unpacking, running errands, exploring, and figuring out our new community.  We moved in to our new home last Monday and it went very smoothly. Here is a picture outside our front door (notice the lack of snow up here).
I can't believe there is no snow. I have spoken with several people who have grown up here and said they have never experienced anything like this....they all miss the snow. But because there is no snow and a lot of sunshine I have been able to spend some time outdoors especially going on runs. We live near the Hilands Country Club (still debating if we should become members). Here is a picture from one of my runs.

Hiland Country Club
 This past weekend we decided to travel to a popular mountain near this area called Gore Mountain. We decided not to ski because we wouldn't have the full day and we wanted to explore the new area instead. Someone we met said Gore Mountain has a lot of great intermediate runs but White Face (Lake Placid) is much more difficult. It is interesting to hear peoples views here so hopefully we will have the chance to try out different mountains.

Gore Mountain
Gore Mountain

Driving home
 What I think shocked me more about this weekend is how beautiful the drive was. We went through small quaint towns set in this amazing scenery.  A quick side note. For those of you who are wondering why we are here. Jeremy is working as the Finance Director at the Glens Falls Civic Center. This is home to the minor league hockey team, the Phantoms, but they also have concerts and shows.

Civic Center
 This brings us to Valentine's Day!  We decided to do a little night skiing, something we both love to do. We skiied at West Mountain, located in Glens Falls.  Both of us were pleasantly surprised that it is a nice mountain to ski being only five mintues from our house. We had a great time!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Fest

Today we decided to stay the remaining of our weekend in Lake George so we could experience Winter Fest. I can't believe all of the events they have going on here. Lists and lists of things to do during the weekends from bonfires and balloon glows on the ice to ice fishing and outhouse races and even firework shows. Because NY has had a mild winter like the rest of the U.S., the lake has not frozen over so they had to eliminate some of the activities they normally have.  We made it down to catch the end of the outhouse races-the Discovery Channel was down here taping the events. We walked around and had some lunch at JC Montanas. They won the "best chowder" contest so we tried it and it definately exceeded our expectations. We were able to get some shots near the lake but pictures can't express just how beautiful it is here and we can't wait to explore more when the weather gets a little warmer.

The Arrival

Goodbye St. Louie, Hello NY! The last few days in St. Louis were pretty special since I was able to say my goodbyes to co-workers, family, and best friends.  I couldn't have felt more blessed.  From happy hours, to several dinners, dog walks in the park, movies, sleepovers, etc. I was able to spend my last few days spending as much time as I could with those I love.  This could be why I felt this move was more of an emotional one instead of a stressful one.  The moving process couldn't have been smoother since I didn't have to pack one box. Jose and George came on Monday to pack everything up for us. I guess I wasn't sure what it was going to be like but if we move again, I would be more than happy to ask them to move us. So professional, low stress on my end, and really great people. On Tuesday they came back to pack everything up on their truck and start their journey up North.  Here are some pictures to illustrate the move.

Our massive moving truck

I flew up to Albany (the closest airport to us) on Thursday and was so excited to see Jeremy waiting for me when I got off the plane. Both flights (I had a layover in Chicago) went very smooth and both landed before their anticipated times-this rarely happens to me. I couldn't be more excited to see had been about 18 days since I had seen him so it was pretty sweet to reunite.  We don't move into our new place until February 6th so we are staying in Saratoga for a couple of nights.  On our drive in, I was able to see the horse track, stables, etc. I can't wait to actually go to the races this summer.

 This weekend, Jeremy has to work a hockey game which happens to be Jimmer Fredette bobble head night (a Glens Falls celebrity).  We have plans to visit the Lake George Winter Fest, watch the KU/MU game and take it easy before we move on Monday.